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Find your 

one of a kind floral, 

or winter inspired art décor 

for your home & garden.

Original, unique designs. 
Locally salvaged.
Innovative combos of repurposed materials.

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Fun Fact: Did you know....

 that there are over 196 colour combos for the Painted Daisies alone!

Thank you  for your interest in Artfully Recycled!

The Wall Flowers

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Painted Daisy

The classic one! 

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Hanger Poppy

The elegant one!

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Whimsical Flower

The fun one!

The Garden Stakes

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Painted Daisy 

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Other Garden Fun

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Strapping Flowers

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Farmhouse Flowers

Commission ideas

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36" Painted Daisy

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8 foot Whimsical Flower

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4 foot Sunflower

About the Flowers

Other products are available! Connect with us or visit a show! 

Wall Flowers - Standard & Custom Sizes

Standard sizes - 12, 18 & 24 inches

Custom sizes available. Think BIG! That's an 8 ft one on a barn in pic above! Contact us to inquire.

  • Made for inside or outside your home.
  • Paint & glue are exterior grade!
  • Recycled Materials - locally sourced, salvaged & recycled materials. See list of materials below if you are purging!

Connect with us to start your commissioned piece.